Module 3 Unit 1 Fog (Language Focus) 吴克梅
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 Module 3  Unit 1  Fog

(Language Focus)

江苏省白蒲高级中学   吴克梅

Thoughts on the design:

This period is focused on the language learning and practice of the text. So how to help the students have good command of the usage of the language items is the main task of this period. Contextualization can make the boring language teaching more acceptable, appealing and interesting, and this is what this design is based on.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this period, the students are expected to

1. have a further understanding of the text;

2. be able to use the important expressions listed in the language focus flexibly;

3. know the necessity of helping others.

Teaching procedures:

Step1 Greetings and lead-in

Step2 Revision of the text


Activity1: Finish the task-based reading. (one or more words)



One morning, the city 1.____________ a grey mist. Then in the afternoon, it was so foggy that Polly had 2._____________ going home from work.


* When Polly felt frightened/ fearful, a man 3.___________ his hand to help her.

* Kind and patient, the man asked Polly to 4.______________ the step.

* At the 5.___________, Polly was quite lost, so she felt 6._________. At this time, the man 7._________________ to encourage her.

* With the man 8. ________________, Polly breathed a sigh of relief.


9.______________ the man was blind, he wanted to 10.__________ the help people gave him when it was sunny.

Step3 Language focus


Activity2: Learn and practice.

1. reach out _________(meaning)

(complete the following sentence)

We should __________ our hand to help people in need because (of) ________________.

  (Fill in the following blanks with “out” expressions.)

  1). Daniel runs into his bedroom and shuts the door angrily. Mom and Dad look at each other as lights ________.

2). I used to go to the gym three times a week, but I don’t _________ any more.

3). Actually, no one could __________ why she did it.

4). In the end everything _________ OK—the teenager becomes a healthy adult.

5). __________! He is an old fox.

2. watch out ___________(meaning)

  watch out for ____________(meaning)

  1).___________! There’s a car coming.

2).______________the stairs — they’re steep.

  【归纳】____________________(differences between “watch out” and “watch out for”)

I’m at the crossroads. I don’t know _______________________. (complete the sentence)

4. be anxious about ________________________(meaning)

  be anxious to do sth. _____________________(meaning)

5. hold one’s hand ____________ 紧紧地抓住某人的手

  adj. firm

(guess the meaning of the “firm” below)

  a firm promise               ____________

firm evidence/ hard evidence    ____________

firm friends                  ____________

6. come to one’s aid _____________(meaning)

  =____________________   =_________________________

7. The truth is that

  Similar structures: _______________________


  【归纳】_______________________________(Which clause does “that” introduce?)


Activity 3: Sum up the language points briefly.

Step 4 Consolidation

Activity 4: Finish the exercises according to the requirements.

Step 5 Assignment

1. Read aloud the passage with a better understanding.

1. reach out

2. watch out for

3. at the crossroads

4. feel anxious

5. hold one’s hand firmly

6. come to one’s aid

7. The truth is that…

8. be covered in/ with

9. have difficulty in doing sth.

10. feel frightened/ fearful

11. breathe a sigh of / in relief

12. pay back

13. have something in common

14. be lost in

15. make great achievements

2. Write a short passage on “When someone is at the crossroads, what will you do to come to his/her aid?”, using the following expressions as many as possible.











Module 3 Unit 1 Fog (Language Focus)

Consolidation sheet

Finish the exercises according to the requirements.

1. You can’t predict everything. Often things don’t _______ as you expect.

  A. turn out        B. go out         C. work out       D. watch out

2. The research lacks _____ evidence, and therefore, its conclusions are doubtful.

  A. regular        B. unexplained     C. confused       D. firm

3. People have always been _____ about exactly how life on earth began.

  A. curious        B. excited         C. anxious        D. careful

4. I’d like to start my own business that’s _____ I’d do if I had the money.

  A. why           B. when          C. which         D. what

5. One reason for her preference for city life is _____ she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants.

  A. that           B. how           C. what           D. why

6. Could you help me to pick up Sam from school today? (Paraphrase)

  =Could you ______ ______ _______ ______ and pick up Sam from school today?

  =Could you ______ ______ _______ _______ up Sam from school today?

7. It was clear that they were dying to know it. (Paraphrase)

  =It was clear that they _______ __________ _______ know it.

8. Fill in the blanks with the given words correctly.

  achievement    difficulty

  a. We have much ______________ understanding what he says.

  b. It is _____________ to understand what he say.

  c. Anyone who dreams of ___________ success will make great ___________.

9. 过马路时当心车辆. (Translate the sentence into English.)


10. 当别人担心、害怕之时,当别人处于紧要关头之时,我们应该伸出我们的援助之手,缓解他们的焦虑,帮助他们成功(Translate the sentence into English with the expressions listed in the language focus.) ________________________________________________