Task-based Reading (The basic skills needed for task-based reading) (杨红梅)
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 Task-based Reading

 (The basic skills needed for task-based reading)

江苏省白蒲高级中学  杨红梅


Learning aims:

In this period, you will

1. improve the ability to solve the problems of task-based reading by analyzing the

problems and doing some practice.

2. look back on the procedures and strategies of doing task-based reading.

Highlights and difficult points:

Information location, information transformation and information generalization.

Learning methods:

Individual study, group cooperationindividual and group presentation, group competition.

Learning procedures:

Activity I  Lead-in


Analysis of task-based reading in the College Entrance Examination




Original words


Changed words


Concluding words













Activity II  Analysis of the problems in the task-based reading done





















Task 1  Types of the problems of the 10 blanks:(2′×3)







Task 2  Have a discussion about what kind of mistakes they are and the causes of the 4 problems.1′×10



Types of the mistakes

causes of the mistakes





76. contributed/formed




79. ways/chances




80. necessary/urgent





Activity III  Practice of the changed words and concluding words

——Fill in the following blanks

Task 1  Practice of the changed words.

A. Word form——Change the following into the opposite meaning (0.5×10

(a) honest ___________    convenient________________  conscious____________

  ability                understanding                normal______________

(b) legal___________ responsible__________  regular__________  moral__________

B. Part of speech1′×5

 (1)be different from → ______________ from

 (2)compare…with…→make ________________ between…and…

 (3)a necessary tool → a________________

 (4)make sb. able to do. →________________sb. to do sth.

 (5)divide people into two groups based on their personality nature

→divide people into two groups on the ____________of their personality nature

C. Meaning1′×6

(1)realize …   be ____________ of…

(2)consider…important _____________ importance to…

(3)cause thousands of deaths   _________ thousands of lives

(4)understand sth. well have a good____________ of sth.

(5)Don’t leave the little children alone __________ leaving the little children alone

(6)sth.be hard for sb.  sb. has ____________ in doing sth.

D. Structure1′×4

(1)hang it at any place you can see hang it __________ you can see

(2) as the final-term exam approaches with he final-term exam___________   

(3) a national flag which dates back to the 13th century

a national flag __________ back to the 13th century   

(4) It’s time to take effective measuresIt’s time that effective measures _________taken.

Task 2  Practice of the concluding words. (2′×3)

Read the following and fill in the blanks.

   (1)The goal of assigning authority to such assessments is to protect the environment sothat everyone can enjoy it and to consider the lives of organisms(生物体)which rely on natural environment for survival.(1)



* to protect the environment

* to consider the lives of organisms relying on natural environment for survival.

(2) Burt’s Bees’s then-CEO, John Wolfgang, took a different approach. Each day, he’d send out an e-mail praising a team member for work related to global marketing. He’d interrupt his own presentations to remind his managers to talk with their teams about the company’s values. He asked me to further a three-hour session with employees on happiness in the course of the expansion effort. As one member of the senior team told me a year later, Wolfgang’s emphasis on developing positive leadership kept his managers actively involved and loyal as they successfully transformed the company into a global one.(2012年江苏高考)

A different approach to management


John Wolfgang was(1) ______________of his assistants' feelings.

The managers remained(2) loyal_to the company.

Positive leadership could make a big (3)____________ to employees' performance.


Activity IV  Summary and revision

Task 1 Sum up what was learned in this class.

What abilities are required to finish a task-based reading? 3′)

The ability to find the                words    

The ability to             words

The ability to              a paragraph

Task2 Review the procedures and strategies of doing task-based reading

Question 1: What are your usual methods of doing task-based reading ?3′)


Question 2: What are your steps of doing task-based reading? 4′)


Task 3 Discussion

What should we check after we have finished?


Activity V   Consolidation12 minutes


Animal feed is the biggest cost for most cattle producers. In the United States, the cost of hay, grains and other feed has risen sharply because of a drought. At the same time, wildfires this year burned more than a million hectares of North American rangeland(牧场).

Jack Field raises cattle in the northwestern state of Washington. To save money, he made plans to truck his small herd of cows three hundred kilometers to feed on crop stubble. Crop stubble is what remains after crops have been harvested.

Moving his cattle from farm to farm costs money and time. But he says if he can avoid feeding them hay, he can still make a profit.

Tim DelCurto is a beef scientist at Oregon State University. He is working with ranchers  (牧场主)and feedlot owners to help them find lower cost ways to feed cattle. He says cattle can eat things like grass-seed straw and distillers grains. These grains are left over from ethanol (乙醇)fuel production.

He says cattle can also eat cannery waste and items rejected by vegetable processors -- like misshapen green beans, carrots, even French fries.

"Now I think one of the unique attributes(特征,属性) of beef cattle -- and sheep would fit this, too -- is that they can virtually digest anything."

The rising cost of feed has led agricultural research universities to give greater attention to what experts call "feed efficiency." The University of Idaho has a cattle barn where sensors measure exactly how much food each cow eats.

Professor Rod Hill says just because animals are growing at the same rate does not mean they eat the same amount of food. In fact the difference in how efficiently their bodies convert feed into meat, fat, bone and hide might be surprising.

"These animals are -- for your eye and mine -- they look quite homogenous (同种类的). But the variation in intake for animals growing at the same rate is of the order of thirty-five percent."

This is a case where humans and animals have something in common.

 "You know, we talk to people who say, 'All I have to do is, is, is look at the candy store and, and I put on three pounds.' We don't actually quantify it so precisely in humans, but we know in humans that some people can eat a little and they can put on quite a bit of weight and some people can eat a lot and hardly put on any weight. So it's a biological phenomenon."

Rod Hill says ranchers can use selective breeding to get the same growth with less feed. But he says not to focus too much on one thing, like reducing fat.

 "Less-efficient animals are slightly fatter, and more-efficient animals are slightly leaner. So we wouldn't want to just go after efficiency and then forget about the body composition. So, we wouldn't want animals to become too lean, so that might reduce marbling in the product, especially in the quality cuts where the profit is."


Improving  “feed efficiency” in cattle


Animal feed in the US becomes the biggest (71)________ for most cattle

 producers this year. 


lA (73)________ did great harm to the growth of hay, grains and other feed. 

lWild fires (74)________ much of North American rangeland. 

Actions to (75)____ the problem

lJack Field has (76)________ to carry his cows by truck 300 kilometers away

 to feed on crop stubble, which he thinks is beneficial. 

lTim DelCurto works with ranchers and feedlot owners to find lower cost ways

to feed cattle. He thinks that cattle have the (77)________ to digest anything. 

l Rod Hill devotes himself to the research on “feed efficiency” and advises 

ranchers to use (78)________ breeding to get the same growth of cattle with

less feed. He believes that even (79)_______ animals grow at the same rate, 

they are quite (80)________ in efficiency in transforming feed into meat,

fat, bone and hide. 


Activity V  Homework ——Fill in the blanks in the next sentences with proper words(本学期试卷及练习中任务型阅读错题)

1.  Learn to give yourself some relaxation and not to waste your time regretting things you cannot change.

Don’t regret things that cannot be _______ and treasure the present-day life.

2.  Girls are seen as less valuable than boys and are kept at home to do housework while their brothers are sent to school.

Girls are of less _____ than boys, and are made to stay at home, _____ housework.

3.  The knock-knock joke is different from other jokes because it requires the participation of the joker and the other person. And you often hear it because it is simple to create.

The knock-knock joke ______ from other jokes in that it calls for the cooperation of the joker and the other person though it is not __________ to make up.

4.  Hard skills involve your educational qualifications and previous job experience.

Hard skills are ________ to educational qualifications and job experience.

5.  You need to tell your child that the writing process is made up of several steps.

You need to _______ your child of the steps of the writing process.

6.  Most of all, encourage your child to view his or her work with fresh eyes during revision and to be open to new ideas throughout the process.

You should encourage your child to use fresh eyes and _____new ideas during revision.

7.  Pay attention to facial expressions and body language, which is part of being a good listener.

Never ________ the speaker’s facial expressions and body language.

8.  Few will argue that educating women has great social benefits. But it has enormous economic advantages as well.

Educating girls _________ to social benefits and economic advantages.

9.  Return customers often come back because they enjoyed doing business with you or were satisfied with the service they received the first time.

Make a good _______on your customers the first time so as to ensure repeat business.

10.  Being a good listener is not just hearing the words of another, but also processing the information and understanding the force that is difficult to find behind it.

A good listener can deal with the information and understand the _______force behind it.






Weibo, or micro-blogs, the Chinese version of Twitter, has become a way of life in China, especially for the young.

Our train bumped into something. Our carriage has fallen onto its side. Children are screaming. Come to help us please! Come fast!

This is the first message sent from a high-speed train that crashed on July 23rd, 2011 in China's Zhejiang province.

Not only was it a cry for help, which saved tens of lives, but it also contributed to a wave of unprecedented(史无前例的)"citizen journalism" on China's micro-blogs. Within ten hours, the message was reposted over one-hundred-thousand times, which was something the girl, Xiao Yang, who wrote it had never imagined. She said, "I just wanted to survive at that moment, so I posted a message on Weibo. I didn't know it would help us to be rescued so quickly."

After the crash, China's twenty million strong micro-bloggers demonstrated tremendous(巨大的)and unfamiliar power. They joined rescue efforts, helped survivors and monitored the officials investigating the accident.

As with traditional media, Weibo functions as a mirror on society, sparking debates and enlightening discussions. But what's different about the micro-blogging site is that anyone not just journalistscan take a photo, record a video clip or write a quick note about what is happening around them.

I can fully accept this new Weibo lifestyle. Almost everyone has Weibo now. I read news on Weibo and it helps me with my life. I also write or repost news sometimes.

Clearly, Weibo enables millions of Chinese to become "citizen journalists", opening them up to fresh news and views on their community, country and world.

This has led to many micro-bloggers keeping a closer eye on the authorities. In response, the government is also using Weibo as a tool to respond to citizens' queries(质询).And in Beijing, micro-bloggers have already left thousands of messages, urging the government to solve problems they consider urgent.

Wang Hui, general director of Beijing Information Office, said, "Weibo has created a platform for government officials to better understand what the citizens are thinking about and what they really need. This bottom-to-top information transmission channel is innovative and will become a new trend for government officials to provide better services for the people."

But, however compelling(引人注目的)Weibo may be, much information it provides turns out to be rumors. Weibo, as a platform, not only helps the Chinese people express their views, but also trains the government in facing public opinion.

Meanwhile, for Man Yang, a simple message saved her life. And for millions of others, Weibo means much more than just a simple touch on a smart phone.


Title: Weibo helps Chinese (71) _________ views

Passage outline

Supporting details

The Chinese

version of Twitter

Weibo has become a new way of life, especially for young (72)_________ in China.

One example

 (73)________ how tremendous the power of Weibo is.

Process of the event

l  A message from a crashed train for (74)______ appeared on Weibo.

l  The message was immediately reposted over one-hundred-thousand times.

l  Rescue efforts were joined (75)_______ millions of Micro-bloggers.

Effects and results of the event

l  Tens of lives were saved.

l  A wave of “citizen journalism” was (76)_____.

l  How officials responded to and dealt with the accident was also monitored.

Comparisons between traditional media and Weibo


They both function as a mirror on society.


Any micro-blogger can be a (78)_______, who can report what is happening.

Discussion of further functions of Weibo in China

l  It enables millions of Chinese to become supervisors of society as well as the authorities.

l  People have new (79)_______ to fresh news and views.

l  The government feels (80)_____ to make their services more effective.

Something more about Weibo

It sometimes provides rumors.

It means much more than just a touch on the smart phone.